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Freshness guarantee on Shobr

First thank you for having found all the way here for this page and our story about our freshness. We are very much concerned with freshness and assortment, because much of the pleasure of shopping groceries online is that you always have access to fresh goods with high quality. And at the same time, you obviously stop having to carry too heavy bags and stand queue :)
What does freshness mean? This means, first and foremost, that you are happy with your goods and experience that your goods have the desired quality. Therefore, the main rule is always that if you are not satisfied, then we are always ready to help either at mail or by phone 70 60 56 60 :)

But because freshness also varies from category to category of goods and because we have a great desire to make everything as transparent as possible, we have made this overview of so-called freshness guarantees – which means how many days durability there should be when your goods are delivered at your home.

We hope that everything makes sense - otherwise you can get in touch with us. We really want to help :)

Fruit and vegetables   1 day
Fish                   2 days
Meat                   3 days
Pegged               7 days
Dairy                5 days
Cheese and eggs         7 days
Bread                  3 days
Other             30 days


Cakes and cakes bottoms    Min. 7 days
Chocolate-coated marshmallow treats                       Min. 5 days
Canned                        Min. 30 days
Herring                                   Min. 30 days
Dry goods *                          Min. 30 days
Vitamin Pills                     Min. 90 days


* except for vitamins, fresh bread, cake and chocolate-coated marshmallow treats