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About Shobr

Shobr is the whole Nordic online grocery store, under the German company ShopAll24 Germany GmbH.

Shobr's vision is to offer quality grocery at cheaper prices to all consumers in Scandinavia. You as a consumer can choose whether you want to pick up the goods at our warehouse in Flensburg or if you want them delivered right at your doorstep. We provide an available service on our website, where you can see some selected delivery companies shipping prices for the exact goods, that you have added to the cart. The application on the website calculates the shipping price based on weight, and you can then choose the company you wish the item to be delivered from. Once you have chosen a freight company, you are automatically transferred to the freight company's website where the freight is paid, and the goods are delivered a few days later. Shobr does not carry the freight and has nothing to do with this part. See more at the bottom.

Each country in the Nordic region has different VAT rules, and it is the consumer's own responsibility to ensure that these are complied with. The rules include that:

You can check here what you might will have to pay for excise duty and how much:

Shobr also deliver to the rest of Europe and China:

The focus of Shobr is to deliver branded products to the market's lowest prices in a transparent system. The EU is also working for a “Digital Single Market”, see for example. here:


A digital common market is a great benefit for the consumers. We believe that a typical family that primarily shops at us, can save about 30% of the household budget. Many families use between. 650 - 1300 EUR per month on purchases, which means you can will save approx. 200 - 400 EUR a month for the same items. It could be a great summer holiday for the family.


At the same time, we can ensure that 285,000 small and medium sized European food companies do have the opportunity to internationalize. It benefits the general economy in Europe and ensures that approx. 200 million European households can get a large and exciting assortment at a reasonable price. This applies if the household is in one of the major cities or in the suburb.

In addition to the good savings, Shobr has all the known benefits of online sales of groceries. You do not have to worry about the daily queue at the box or to lift heavy carrying bags.

If you wish to help establishing Shobr in your country or city, please contact Lars Munch Johansen

More about pickup and delivery of your goods

If you wish to pick up your goods yourself, you can pick these up at our warehouse the day after your order.

Orders can already be collected Monday-Friday between. 01:00PM-03:00PM, the day after you have placed your order.

Delivery with carrier: 
If you have ordered delivery with a carrier, delivery can be done according to the above principles, just add 24 hours on top of that. So that: 

Orders can be delivered Tuesday-Friday. The order for delivery must be received no later than the day before at 08:00AM  


We are at these addresses:

ShopAll24 Germany Gmbh
Apenrader Str. 41-45
24939 Flensburg

Warehouse Address::
Werkstrasse 8
24955 Harrislee

And we can always be contacted at or on telephone number: 7060 5660 on weekdays from 10AM-01PM, if you need our help or have any questions for us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Shob’ning :)

Team Shobr